Culture of Giving and Caring

Glympse has a culture of giving, one that benefits others in real and measurable ways. Each year, Glympse dedicates time and effort to helping organizations and associations throughout the world so that they can use the power of location – the power of Glympse – to make the world a better place.  This could not have been accomplished without Team Glympse employees.
Glympse cares.
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Glympse is Proud to Work with the Cajun Navy

The Cajun Navy are informal ad-hoc volunteer groups comprising private boat owners who assist in search and rescue efforts in Louisiana and adjacent areas. These groups were formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and have been credited with rescuing thousands of citizens during natural disasters ever since.

Glympse became aware that the Cajun Navy was using our public tags feature when we experienced a spike in usage and the consumer app crashed for a period of time. They had over a thousand people sharing at one time. They reached out to our support team, and we’ve been working closely together since then to ensure they have the life-saving tools they need. A member of our team even traveled to Louisiana in April 2019 to participate in the Search and Rescue Games and see how they use Glympse in action.

The Cajun Navy
I could not dispatch CNR volunteers without Glympse. I love that I can give them turn by turn directions to get them where they need to go during a disaster. The traffic overlay is super helpful as well - during Tropical Storm Imelda we discovered we could even use it as an estimate of the flood water in the area and our volunteers were shocked at how accurate it was in relation to depth. It would be impossible to keep track of everyone during a disaster without Glympse.
- Jessica Roberts
The Cajun Navy

Glympse is Proud to Work with The Honor Network

Honor Network is an organization born out of the wake of September 11, 2001, when both an American flag and a Texas flag were gifted to Chris Heisler, SGT, U.S. Army (Retired). It was an effort to thank Chris for his philanthropic efforts with First Responders while working within the energy industry in this country.

That American flag has been on a journey in the years since – first when Heisler took it to Iraq and Afghanistan after joining the Army in 2003, and then again above the Texas State Capitol in 2007. Now known as the U.S. Honor Flag, it’s become a symbol that honors heroes all across the country. There’s a lot that can go wrong during a journey of that magnitude… which is why the team at Glympse is truly honored that The Honor Network has chosen to use our technology to keep that flag safe and sound at all times.

The Honor Network
There are a lot of accomplishments that we’ve been incredibly proud of during Glympse’s history,” said Steve Mount, Technical Project Manager at Glympse. “But few are as profound as this one. We are honored to do our part to help them accomplish their mission, day in and day out, no matter what.

Santa Tracker Uses Glympse

For years, fire departments around the country have used the Glympse consumer app to share the location of their local Santa to their community. By creating a public tag they can share the location of their local Santa Claus, allowing families and community members to know his precise location.

Santa Tracker
Glympse is a way to share your real-time location and estimated arrival time with friends and family.  It’s a safe, temporary and secure way to answer “Where are you?”
Our vision has always been to create innovative, personalized and efficient experiences harnessing the power of location sharing.  We are so proud to work with the many organizations and associations who use the power of location to fulfill their missions.