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Glympse enhances its location services platform to include modern IVR integration

IVR enhancement allows Glympse customers to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with self-service visibility into the location and estimated time of arrival of service appointments and deliveries   

SEATTLE — April 5, 2018 — Glympse, the pioneer of real-time location technology, today announced it has enhanced its location services platform with the release of modern Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration capabilities. With these enhancements, companies utilizing the Glympse platform can now offer callers self-serve messages about the status of a pending, in-progress or recently completed service appointment or delivery. Specifically, customers looking for appointment or delivery related information such as ‘When is my appointment?’ or ‘Where is my delivery driver?’ no longer need to wait on hold or speak to a contact center agent to get an answer.

The Glympse upgrade is critical to help address a major customer experience gap. Forrester data shows 72 percent of businesses say improving customer experience is their top priority, yet research from NewVoiceMedia indicates US companies lose $62 million each year due to poor customer service. The new flexible and user-friendly IVR capabilities from Glympse empower companies to provide an additional self-serve option for customers seeking last mile service or delivery insight.  

“In the age of the informed and savvy consumer, many callers dial in looking for answers on their service appointment or delivery,” said Cami Zimmer, EVP Business Development and Marketing at Glympse. “The IVR integration allows Glympse customers to offer menus and prompts to their callers to obtain relevant information, like appointment details, ETA and even real-time location of a driver, without the need to speak to a contact center representative. This helps our customers improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, while still reducing the number of calls handled by their call centers.”

Through its global enterprise-scale platform and solutions, Glympse provides companies with safe, temporary and private location sharing experiences utilizing the context of location and ETA data to unlock efficiency for consumers and businesses alike. The Glympse platform gives brands the solutions they need to improve communication and increase satisfaction when their products and services are delivered to or picked up by their customers.

The IVR enhancement to the Glympse platform will help companies further reduce operational costs by adding a new self-service option that provides real-time visibility into the status, location and estimated time of arrival for service appointments and deliveries. This is in addition to customer notifications and the Glympse interactive viewer that already helps eliminate anxiety and uncertainty around product and service deliveries. To create even more exceptional customer experiences, Glympse has added proactive outbound alerts as an additional IVR integration feature. This offers the ability to proactively alert customers about significant changes and unexpected delays regarding a product or service delivery.  

For more information about the Glympse platform and solutions, visit business.blog.glympse.com, or follow the company on Twitter @Glympse,  LinkedIn or Facebook.

About Glympse

Glympse, is the only built-for-mobility SaaS company that helps Fortune 1000 companies improve their customer satisfaction by eliminating the friction and anxiety of product and service delivery experiences. The pioneer in real-time temporary location sharing technology, Glympse has a powerful platform that successfully aggregates existing service, marketing and commerce cloud capabilities into a single, easy-to-use Glympse, helping businesses improve communication and increase satisfaction when their products and services are delivered or picked up by their customers. For more information, visit business.blog.glympse.com.

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