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Glympse adds Alan Koslow as general counsel

Glympse is proud to announce it has hired Alan Koslow to serve as the company’s general counsel

SEATTLE — February 6, 2018 —  Glympse, the pioneer of real-time location technology, today announced it has hired Alan Koslow to serve as the company’s general counsel. In his new role Koslow will work with the Glympse leadership team to provide counsel on global corporate matters and business.

Koslow has over 20 years of experience providing legal, financial, operational, and strategic planning leadership to high-growth organizations. He has an excellent track record working with small-to-midsize companies in dynamic and changing markets. Alan was previously General Counsel and Manager of Privacy at AudienceScience, an ad tech company. He also spent nine years at law firms, first on Wall Street at Cahill Gordon & Reindel, then in Seattle at Foster Pepper. He earned his J.D. at Rutgers University.

“We are thrilled for Alan to join the team at Glympse,” said Chris Ruff, CEO and president of Glympse. “We have been impressed with his knowledge and believe his extensive legal experience and understanding will make a tremendous addition to our team as we continue to grow globally in a variety of verticals and countries.”

Alan is the ideal fit for Glympse because of the breadth and depth of his experience at both private companies and law firms, as well as the nature of his experience working for venture-backed companies,” said Jim Mullen, CFO of Glympse. “He had been working for us as an outside legal consultant since October 2017. We are expanding quite rapidly, so it made more sense to hire him internally as our general counsel.”

Glympse, which has operations in Europe, is busy preparing for the May 25, 2018 implementation date of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. The company is also working with companies in Malaysia, Singapore and recently announced a partnership with Apigate to extend the availability of location APIs in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The company separately has an established U.S. business presence that includes business with General Motors, HERE, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Samsung and many other Fortune 1000 companies.  

Through its global enterprise-scale platform and solutions, Glympse provides companies with safe, temporary and private location sharing experiences utilizing the context of location and ETA to unlock efficiency. The Glympse platform gives brands the solutions they need to improve communication and customer service and increase satisfaction when their products and services are delivered to or picked up by their customers.

For more information about the Glympse platform and solutions, visit business.blog.glympse.com, or follow the company on Twitter @GlympseLinkedIn or Facebook.

About Glympse

Glympse, is the only built-for-mobility SaaS company that helps Fortune 1000 companies improve their customer satisfaction by eliminating the friction and anxiety of product and service delivery experiences. The pioneer in real-time temporary location sharing technology, Glympse has a powerful platform that successfully aggregates existing service, marketing and commerce cloud capabilities into a single, easy-to-use Glympse, helping businesses improve communication and increase satisfaction when their products and services are delivered or picked up by their customers. For more information, visit business.blog.glympse.com.

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