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Rollins Delivers Personalized Last Mile Service Appointment Experiences Provided by Glympse

Premier global pest and termite control company provides customers with streamlined communication around service appointments including real-time “on my way” arrival communication, eliminating any wonder on when service technician will arrive

SEATTLE  – February 27, 2019– Glympse, the pioneer of real-time location sharing technology, is proud to announce they are working with Rollins, Inc. (NYSE: ROL), a premier global consumer and commercial service company, to deliver accurate service appointment information  to consumers and businesses, including the location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of Rollins technicians on the day of service.

By opting in for service notifications, customers receive timely SMS text or email notifications, allowing them to view the latest service timing information on any web-enabled device. Further, once the service technician is en route to the appointment, the customer will be able to see the tech’s location on a live map, including ETA, so they know to the minute when their tech will arrive for the service appointment.

Eddie Northen, Chief Financial Officer of Rollins stated, “We are extremely pleased to announce this agreement with Glympse. We have always understood that the service visit is a key component to our overall customer experience.  The Glympse solution provides a highly engaging and helpful experience for our customers.  It is consistent with our mission of being the World’s Best Service Company.”

“As the leader in the global and commercial services industry, Rollins’ philosophy is to innovate through new technologies. The Glympse last mile solutions allow them to do just that,” said Chris Ruff, CEO and president of Glympse. “More than a live map and ETA, the Glympse solution engages the end-customer in a multi-step, highly engaging experience. Our solutions contain automated location-triggered messaging and smart pushes to dynamically trigger push messaging based on real-time locations. And we do this without unnecessarily draining the phone battery.”

As the leading global consumer and commercial service company, Rollins is committed to providing customers with the most extraordinary pest and termite control services available. The company and its wholly owned subsidiaries service over two million customers in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, Mexico, and Australia from more than 700 locations.

“We are thrilled to work with Rollins,” said Rob Foley, SVP of Customer Success at Glympse. “Rollins understands that real-time visibility into service appointments is no longer optional, it’s now table stakes for last mile. Our fully branded, customer-facing web-based experiences provides Rollins and their customers with progressive appointment insight of a service specialized en route, helping reduce customer no-shows and “where is my service technician calls” by as much as 25%.”

Companies that use Glympse have:

  • Reduced “customer no-shows” by more than 20%
  • Reduced “Where’s my technician/delivery?” calls by 25%
  • Deflected calls to lower cost support channels like chat or IVR
  • Increased revenue by preventing customer cancellations and re-schedules due to inconvenience
  • Utilized of the Glympse customer journey viewer for targeted advertising programs

For more information on Glympse’s platform and location sharing solutions, please contact us today.

About Rollins
Rollins, Inc. is a premier global consumer and commercial services company. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Orkin LLC., HomeTeam Pest Defense, Orkin Canada, Western Pest Services, Northwest Exterminating, Critter Control, Inc., The Industrial Fumigant Company, Trutech LLC., Orkin Australia, Waltham Services LLC., OPC Pest Services, PermaTreat, Rollins UK, Aardwolf Pestkare, and Crane Pest Control, the Company provides essential pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents and insects to more than two million customers in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, Mexico, and Australia from more than 700 locations. You can learn more about Rollins and its subsidiaries by visiting our web sites at www.orkin.comwww.pestdefense.comwww.orkincanada.cawww.westernpest.comwww.callnorthwest.com,  www.crittercontrol.comwww.indfumco.comwww.trutechinc.comwww.orkinau.comwww.allpest.com.auwww.walthamservices.comwww.opcpest.comwww.permatreat.comwww.cranepestcontrol.comwww.murraypestcontrol.com.auwww.statewidepestcontrol.com.auwww.safeguardpestcontrol.co.ukwww.aardwolfpestkare.com and www.rollins.com. You can also find this and other news releases at www.rollins.com by accessing the news releases button.